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Other 3rd And FPS.....


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me? never played counter strike. It seems like it has all the biggest nerds in the world and I don't want to deal with those whiners, braggers, hackers, cheaters, etc.


Unreal Tournament GOTY Edition

Call of Duty

Postal 2 (:lol:)

Max Payne 2

Return to Castle Wolfenstien

Serious Sam

Thats about all I can think of right now (but I don't play alot of those now since I'm tired of them or have beaten them)

oh... and MTA of course (ffs I hope so)

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i play:

mta gat3+vc nick:rebel

soldier of fortune 2 nick: rebel or rebel36 <--depends

tribes2 nick: darkzigger

serious sam <-- never played online

postal2 share the pain <-- maybe im gonna buy it soon

if you wanna play one of these just contact me on icq or in #mta

btw, can we stop that CS talk? i think this thread is only for info so ppl can meet in other online games than mta :)

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(ps: they are all orginal)


* Halo

* CS

* Half-Life

* HL :Opposing Force

* UT2003

* UT

* Warcraft III

Non - Multiplayer

* The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (BEST GAME EVER)

* Pong ( :P )

* Stonekeep

* The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon

* Worms 3D ( they are soooooooo cute)

* GTA Vice City ( with "New Vice City 2004" mod )

Real Life (no pc)

* School

* TV

* Sleeping

* Getting bored and read a book

* PS2!!! (damn i did it AND i wanted a XBOX)

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