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The Matrix

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Hunter illl tell you the truth i like the movie very much, however its short and doesnt have much of the matrix fell to it, i know finding mods that would make it matrix style is hard ( buildings etc) but oh well for what you managed to get , its a good movie just too short.

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omg, now i know why you said "she looks so ugly"you just used tommy's model

when i say "the model is called: bfybe.dff" than i expected you to: open gta3.img search for the bfybe.dff model, extract it somewhere (e.g your desktop) than you rename it to "player.dff" and go back to your img tool and replace the original player.dff with the one you just renamed...

whatever, its too late now but expet of that the vid is very cool, nice synched :)

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