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Stunting Forumz!!! Come Show Off your best videos!!!! :D

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Hey sup. I've always hated those Proboards, so I've gone and got these ones. They look sweet and I've organized the sections to make it completely easy. There's also News about the site, and EVERYTHING! It's still in the construction stages, as i'm quickly added to the tutorials whenever i can. I hope you guys like these alot more. Any comments or suggestions, please reply here, or say so on the forums. Hopefully nobody will get screwed up in the e-mail verification processes (i dont even think there r ne, lol!!) so it's really easy to sign up this time.

To Blah - i need to get ur account running as a Moderator.

LINKLINKLINK!!!! :::: http://www.forumer.com/amptstunting

BTW - i will be getting a new easier URL working for this!!! (http://forum.ampt.tk/)

Thanx, and have fun!

l8erz- - - - - - - Andyroososoft

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u gotta sign back up. the old proboards r still up, but im gonna delete everything on it, and just leave one topis saying the link to these new forums. I'll be changing the links and everything on my site too! I'mm still adding shit to it, so it'd be gr8 if u helped.

and to Yamm, lol, earlier i did a fukin backside 180 melon over a road!!!

l8er - - - Andyroososoft

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Ha! I always knew you could stunt with fruit.

Kinda hard to visualize though, so maybe a vid or some stills?

BTW IPB eh? Oh well, board looks nice anyway. When you gonna skin em?


That is the funniest thing i have read in a long time. LOL stunt with fruit. lol if you are serious man... ITS EVEN FUNNIER!!! lol a melon is a grab on a snowboard. hahahahahahahahahaha

Oh and yea nice forums go sign up so i can moderate you :D

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