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Is it even possible to fix the game ? ? ? ?

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i never played the earlier multithefts so this is my first experience with the VC client .. . .

can they actually get this thing to work? ? i mean the guns, firing, actually hitting people when your aiming at them and having them fall down right there

etc. . dunno i can just see a situation where the game works the way it does and it can't get any better without changes by rockstart to the actual game engine.... which probably wouldnt happen so .. . .

can it be fixed ?

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i think he meant the game engine itself.....and i'm sure it's _verry_ tempting to the mta crew to modify the original exe, they cannot do so legally without written consent from rockstar....which borders on that stupid crazy backward ass dmca thing....I'm not sure as to if they've really asked or not in written form (although they should even if they think they only have a 1% chance in hell) hehe

So in theory: yes

in practice(legality issues): not without a lot of paperwork

As is per my understanding, feel free to correct

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ya i mean, i understand that its a beta... i can dig that. i guess i just dont know how to word my question properly

it just seems the current version is _so_ far from the way things need to be, shooting people at distance, having them actually be hit and fall down. not just keep running while their body is laying on the ground, these kinds of things

i just cant imagine the programmers intended the thing to work this way, maybe it just can't be done? i dunno how they are writing this thing it seems like a very precarious situation adding multiplayer to a game that isnt even yours...

i dunno i just want to see this puppy suceed!!111

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I love it right now and i look forward to new releases

For now you have to realize that the glitches are almost a game within the game. Some people can kill people at will without cheating. I am one of them because I work around the glitches. I lead people when I shoot. I watch the healthbar and the chat log not the person falling down or blood spurts.

There are a bunch of things you can do to play better. Read what MrBump wrote in this thread.


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