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What's Actually Being Done?

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It's top secret at the moment only the MTA team know what's being put into it. They will tell everyone about the new version when it is released or when it's just about to be released.

So far, I think the only thing everyone knows of the new versiopn is that it will have a much improved netcode (so less lag) and more fixed bugs.

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The only thing I care about is fixing the "lag" issues. I wouldn't necessarily refer to it as "lag" but more as HUGE sync issues.

As long as those are fixed, or even minutely addressed, I will be satisified.

I don't see what the point of keeping the tweaks secret is. I mean if they are adding new features in, then yes, by all means, keep them secret. But as for tweaks/bug fixes, might as well tell us so we can look forward to it and don't tell us the new features so we can anxiously anticipate!


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i'm curious too, it says at the time of posting that mtavc 0.4 is 80% whilst the core is %50 there must be something they've done and can tell us?

i'm curious to if they are changing the aiming and things to server side or keeping them client side, but i haven't seen anywhere that that says anything, suppose shouldnt' ask and keep waiting tho :)

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Holy crap you arcivist way to dig deep and bump an old topic

Your question thou..

They might have gotten something working great but after they add another new feature the first doesn't work and you were waiting for the first feature that they promised you

If we didn't have .3 to enjoy in the meantime I could understand the need for info now but they seem to work quickly and efficiently so relax it's in good hands

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