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Request: Debian Compile

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I am not sure where to post this, but I'll do it here. I run a gaming server network called Michigan Burbs, and we trialed MTA-VC 0.2 for about a month. People loved it, but we had some problems. First off, we run FreeBSD, as many of the larger gaming networks do. We have several reasons for doing so, but the most important ones are versatility and security. Our main base is Counterstrike and BF1942. We also partner with Netfrag.org who runs Quake. All in all, we put up 14 servers for public use.

When we tried out 0.2, I managed to get it to run under FreeBSD 5.1, and it worked great for the most part, but there was a problem that caused the process to lock up intermittently. Now we had to remove it because of the lockups, and now that vacation time is over, and we're back to work here, we wanted to give 0.3 a shot and see how that worked. Unfortunately, we're very disapointed.

0.3 was compiled (we believe) under RedHat, or some redhat clone. At least that's how it looks to be linked. For purposes of compatiabilty, RedHat is not a good choice. They are the MS of the linux world, and bastardize the platform to points where some things that are compiled on RedHat will not run on other distros.

BSD provides for a great linux emulation, in several flavors. They do offer 2 flavors of RedHat emulation, and to put it plainly, if it runs on redhat it will run on bsd with the linux_base 7.1 or 8.0 - which is RedHat. The problem with this is we, along with several other server groups, won't use the RedHat base because of compatibilty issues. BF1942 won't run under it, because of some RedHat-specific linking that crashes the binary. Hlds runs, but not very stable. To this end, there is an alterative : linux_base_debian. This was a port done by the BSD team for full linux compat, without the nuances that are thrown in by several of the distro publishers. hlds, bf1942, and other things run beautifully under this emulation. 0.3 does not.

When we discovered the problems with linux_base 7.1 and 8.0, we asked the devs who do the BF1942 linux variant to do one for us that is not compiled under RedHat. They obliged, and would you know it - their new binary works perfectly under the debian base. I'm here to ask the same of you. Please consider a compile on an independant distro. We understand you are under no obligation to do so, but if you do oblige, we are going to bring it back online, and hopefully contribute to the growth of your project.

If you have any comments of questions, please direct them here, and I will be happy to answer them.

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Sounds good to me... I run Gentoo, and may run an MTA server on it soon. The last thing I need, even though on a linux distro, is compatibility issues due to linking. As the original poster stated, Redhat is probably the worst choice for ANYTHING nowadays - its dated and almost proprietary.

I personally have acess to and help administrate a Redhat server, so I know what the poster is talking about - Redhat truly is horrible when it comes to following standards. They seem to have set their own standards, a la MS.. I hope when I try the MTA server, it doesn't die as it is on the posters' FreeBSD.

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Thanks to Mr Bump, we have a working version running on freebsd 5.2-release!!

Testing started tonite, so i'll check the performance logs in a few days. If anyone wants to help out with testing, the ip is

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