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thoughts on new game mode King of the city?

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personaly i think the game mode is crazy 3 lifes and your out ,i find it puts more skill and tatic back into the game cuz now ur not only killing with out a care u have sommin to protect now and thats not being kicked and becoming Kotc it should really prove who is good players or not .I run it on my server all the time it also helps keep the server from filling up :P

any thoughts about how the game mode helps bring back skill to mta ?

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You get kicked? (haven't played it)

Sounds like a load of FUD to me. I know I wouldn't want to play at any server where I got kicked just becuase I died.

Perhaps a long wait period... ghosting, or implementing a spectator system :P

Well yes but mta doesnt have specator nor ghosting mode so this is the only thing we can do, and some of the servers running this have a channel on irc so you can follow the progress even after you got kicked.

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is ther a way to edit the scripts to make it down to one kill like curly sugested ?

Yes, in fact the newest version of the script has the five main variables at the top to make it very easy to edit them to suit, these are , starting lives, maximum lives, how many kills in a row to get +1 life, how long between the automatic -1 life, how long to stop the player re-entering the server once all lives are lost.

So changing it to max 1 life, starting 1 life, 100 in a row (to prevent people getting a null bonus), 2 hours before -1 life (to make sure it doesnt happen), and 2 hours prevent rejoin, again to ensure nobody comes back. (you only need to do !kotc off after the match and people will be able to reenter)

n.b We hope to release this along with a tweaked version of team mode and vip and possibly a new game mode script as a 'gamepack', but I hope to get subdomain mtama.mtavc.com sorted out first as mtama has fairly rapid releases and the news stories are knocking off the main MTA news from the front page.

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