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Waiting for Request...

Guest Gamefreak

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Hi, i'm a complete Newbe to MTA but a realitivy intellgent one... i think. I think I downloaded this too late and missed the craze but sometimes I find survers on ASE with one or 2 people on them.

The problem i'm haveing is joining them. All goes well and good, but when I try to connect to the server I neaver get past the "Wating for request" on the connection status and neaver manage to connect.

I dunno if this is working or not. Does it usually take something like an hour to connect to a server on a 56k modem? All i'm getting is "Waiting for request"

Any help would be deeply appreciated

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Gawd and there was me thinking I had just receaved 3 helpful messages solveing my problem. :roll:

On anouther not though, sorry I did not mean to copey his name though my name is GamefreAk while his is GamefreEk see? Difference :D

...and anyway. I've been useing this name longer... :twisted:

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fake ass gamefreak,

Try going to the #mta irc channel and getting a server IP and manually inputting it into the client. You don't have to use ASE. That way you can exclude ASE as the problem. Plus some IPs are incorrect in ASE. Try to get into the #1 official MTA server in Texas it's a 16 player. change the last number to a 5 instead of a 2.

And Gamefreek's name is well established in this game. He has used it longer in here and you should change yours. You can do this without messing up your account. If you used that name in Everquest or something since 97 sorry he beat you to it here.

Why not use mentos I like that name...

good luck with your problem.

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Ye it worked thanks :) I've found there are some survers I just carn't join for some reason.

But now i'm haveing trouble with a run time error :( (10035 I think) which says something about open and closed stuff. Theres a topic on it and the bugs board if u wanna help

But hey i get a whole 2 minutes of play time before it crashes! :D ......


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