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CBK / Cold Blooded Killers

Point Blank

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If any one wants 2 join holla at me see if we can get sommin rollin here

cbk curently has about 20 members not alot but enough we were a underground gang for along time but now we want to enter the mainstream of gangs on mta so we need more people :!:

Gang Info:

Trade mark saying :

Survival of the Fittest

Colours: Blue and Black

Skill required : Able to kill and arive on scene fast in times of need

If you want in post up 8)

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Like Point Blank said we are almost ready to take over all of the other gangs. :twisted: We just need a few more members and we will rule. So if any of you murderous twisted freaks out there who want to show there skill just join CBK!!!

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welcome abord phat man 8)

and yeap we do need some non cheatings gangs and just skill full gangs

yeap i lost my vice city for now so i am doin it by forum but when i get it back i should get more people for the gang and phat man in ur singature put survival of the fittest

hey Kung fu grip what u think about the gang name and do u kno how i can get the gang leader rank like you have :?:

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Your gang name doesn't start with VC so it's great. I like the name it is easy to distinguish from other gang tags. (no offense to current VC... gangs but we don't need any more)

Gang Leader rank will come in time. They will see that you have a gang that is solid and has active members and give it to you. This was the reply when someone first brought up the idea that I deserve a gangleader rank.

He's not going to get it because its total bs

he's either doing something with his ip, calling people from his town, or using connections he already has from the internet and asking random people to post rnadom things. so I dont think this qualifies.

Now we are among the most active and biggest gangs in the game and I have my rank so be patient with that.

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yeap i will wait and hopfully get it 8) and yeap there is alot of vc gangs but thats all good its always good to be orgianl in your own sense :)

dose any one els wanna join ? post up and set up [cbk] in ur name in mta game mode

lol kung fu grip so u got ur gang leader rank after that post how long did u wait till u got urs :?:

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It was around a month or more.

my sig said Gang Leader of KFC (no matter what my rank says)

It snot such a big deal but it's better than a kick in the balls. :shock:

The most important thing is that you have good players reppin your tag in the city. XCripsy (Co-Boss of KFC with Wheelmn) is the one who really made our name by playing in the game and getting people to join using all sorts of tactics. I don't want to spam up your thread with all that thou.

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offcial list for cbk members no long excepting members :( sorry

Leader : point Blank

Co-Leader : Pyscokillah

Members :





lil c

100% vice




phat man

one life


CBK LOCKED closed at that

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