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ideas for next MTA


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Hey everyone.. I just wanted to list a few things that might be worth having in future versions of MTA. .keep up the goodwork guys

1. Names of players on map feature... would make it easier to find a person you'd like to join up with since typing can be cumbersome while being capped.

2. Multiple spawn points for each MTA character (might help reduce spawn killing and save time from having to always run along the same path to "get to the action" I play mexi alot and a lot of people tend to fight at mansion and downtown and running down the same parts of town can get old sometimes.. and yes.. I could change charaters but i like mexi alot :)

3. IP favorites in MTA client so that you don't have to open ASE.. I tend to hit only a few servers since they are strict about cheating and enforec the rules.

4. All passengers able to shoot from vehicles (not sure if this would create a lot of lag or not but would definitely be a NICE feature

5. Maybe a script for a new game mode (luv the ones that have come out so far) similar to a Unreal Tournament mode.. I forget the name but essentially you have 2 teams, both have a home base and you need to hold both bases for a certyain amount of time to get points

6. Point system for manhunt script.. would like to see a point system developed for killing fugatives and it would also be nice to maybe change the script so that you remain the fugative unti l you are killed or by admin override.

Thanks for the consideration... keep up the good work

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To save time i will put # for 'already suggested and discussed elsewhere on the forums'

1. #

2. #

3. #

4. #

5. Not possible, admin doesnt know player locations

6. Points system:Nice idea, will look into it with aeron. 'Holding' fugitive status, im not sure about that one, seems fairer to select at random especially if you add a points system. Everyone needs oppertunity to earn points.

Thanks for the suggestions but please do search the forums in future to see if something has already been covered.

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  • MTA Team

i reckon the { and } shud be enabled in chat.

also, PM with pm, u shud be able to type only sum of there name. wen ure in the middle of getting shot, its quite hard to type [VCP]Talidan (its case sensitive). if it were like that duel script, and it doesnt send it if there are more than 1 similar result.


/msg tali hikfda

i c:

PM from X:hikfda

This isnt all that important, but it wud be helpful

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