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Tired of Complaining


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I don't know about you guys, but I'm tired of hearing these phrases:


This game is buggy.

I'm shooting you but you're not taking damage! *Refer to 1st bullet*

I just shot you with 50 Hunter rockets and you're still alive! *Refer to 1st bullet*

It's starting to drive me nuts! If you think it's buggy or you can't stand the gameplay, then please do us all a favor and play Single Player! :(

...Just had to get that out of my system...

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wow, whining about whiners, great way to be productive guys.

if you take the time to breifly explain to the n00bs why the game is behaving odd,then that would stop them from complaining so much.

just copy and paste this into the mta client:

the reason that happened is because on my screen you were doing something different then what was on your screen, and deaths are decided by the clients, so there are errors sometimes, but don't accuse people so quickly

they will walk away smarter, will think twice next time, and maybe even apologize for accusing you. don't just continue the cycle by swearing at the guy or just saying "i dont cheat, ya noob"or "you just suck"

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slothman, you are right, that is the best thing to do. but consider the natural laziness and stupidity of the average person. if we all smartened up and were rational, and thought things through, most of the topics in here wouldnt exist.

my tips: if someone calls you a cheater, and wont back down despite what you say, hunt them exclusively. atleast youll feel better when they die. basically just let them *think* your a cheater or whatever they want, if they're too dense, stupid or inept too listen to you, fuck em, youve wasted enough time already. play the game.

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I don't know about you guys, but I'm tired of hearing these phrases:

Too many people complain in the game

Too many people complain in the forum (see this thread)

Too many people complain in IRC

It's starting to drive me nuts! People are aholes live with it

...Just had to get that out of my system...

(this parody of the first post brought to you by 99.1 WKFG FM)

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Everyone gets accused for cheating at least 1 time during any game.

By the way, simply telling the other players why you're not cheating, or why the game behaves the way it does, is not as simple as you make it sound. Most the people who play this game (Also the one's who don't take the time to read a message board) are simply trying to KILL. If they shoot you, and you don't die, you're cheating! Cheaters!

Most people that play online games, especially this one I've noticed, seem to have the IQ of a dead baby. They don't want to listen, and they won't listen. They want to frag.

So you can sit in a game explaining to a dead baby how and why the technicalities of MTA:VC are causing aiming bugs and gameplay glitches, but personally I wouldn't want to waste the time.

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