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The 'Trick' To Actually Inflicting Damage??


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edit: man ive been to this site some time and havent even seen that mta is available for gta3 too :shock: had eyes for vice city only i supposed

It's old - difficult to get into a game, buggy, no chat, etc. You'd be better off waiting for MTA 0.4.

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It's not so bad... But good thing he had "eyes for Vice City" ... ;)

That was a very one-sided description - I apologise. On the other hand, it remains true to the GTA3 formula and offers more fast-paced gameplay then Vice for deathmatch lovers who don't want to have to walk far for a fight.

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Well, I have read all the post (almost all of them) and i found them very usefull. I still don't shoot that good as I want, but at least i've already killed 6 people in only 2 weeks :D:wink:

But I keep trying and if you play a lot you will get the hang of it and automatic do things like left or right aiming and no first-person view. So I hope other people also read this.

Very very thanks

Elessar, King of Gondor, Heir of Isildur, Aragorn, Strider

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