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The 'Trick' To Actually Inflicting Damage??


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I've been playing for a few days now, and for the life of me I can't hurt anyone. It's not that I'm missing, it's that 75% of my bullets aren't being recorded as hitting the target.

I've stood and tested and shot a still target with the UZI. It took about 2 minutes of shooting for them to die.

Also, when I sprint around, people with shotguns (PUMP Shotguns) can wipe me out like it's nothing. Wow, I can't even hit a guy standing still with a shotgun.

I've tried the "aim all around the target, it's because of lag"... but it's not. I've tried machine guns, hell, even the molotov's don't even set them on fire. It's starting to get upsetting getting owned up and down a server and nothing I can do about it. :(

Also, YES, I realize it's a beta version... But I just wanna be able to damage like every other player!

It's also not because of ping differences. If ping were the case, they wouldn't be able to hit me just like I can't hit them.

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Well I have the same problem. but not that I cant kill enything.

It cud be that the were cheaters.

:arrow: A Tip: when you shoot at some one with a machinegun. move your aimer a lil to the left and right. a realy lil bit and just keep moving the aimer. left, right, left, right. and keep shooting.

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I've already tried that... I don't think it's that they are on a high ping because not that many people use 56k anymore. Out of a server of 20 people, I can only actually hurt 3 or 4. Those 3 or 4 actually get hurt the way they are supposed to. Everyone else I can't even touch, I just run away from them but they usually wipe me out with a shotgun in 2 shots.

It just seems a little unbalanced to me...

I've tried aiming different, etc, it's just the shots are NOT being recorded. :(

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There are a few key points you need to know about the weapons behaviour at the moment.

The key factor to remember is that many things are not syncd yet, meaning what you see isnt necessarily what others see (hunters weapons firing for example) so when you see your shots hit and blood spurt from the other guy this is not a sure sign that you are in fact hitting them. In short ignore the blood and take note only of the health bars, if they reduce you are hitting him.

Offset: the aim isnt that accurate at certain distances (you may have noticed players constantly shooting to one side of you instead of hitting you) This offset varies depending on the distance between both players. This is something you will learn to estimate the more you play.

Molotovs and grenades: although you are able to hold the throw button for variable amounts of time to vary distance thrown, in-game to all others they will ALWAYS go the same distance, around a car length from yourself. So to your game you may have thrown it 50 yards and expect it to have hit the opponent, in everyone elses it landed just in front of you.

Both shooting: occasionally you can get into a standoff situation, you see you bullets hitting the opponent, therefore he is not shooting at you, to him it is reversed, he sees HIS bullets hitting YOU and therefore does not see you shooting him, this results in both people standing there firing with no effect on each other. Often a dropped packet will cause a break in someones shooting and BLAM the other guys shots start to register at last.

Then finally there is the lag issue, always take a quick look at you opponents ping, and try to aim ahead accordingly, the higher the ping the firther ahead you will have to shoot.

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im gonna expand on what u said a little bit -

when you are at a distance from each other (or his back is turned it seems) the aim gets thrown way off to the left (most of the time). if you want to hit someone, then match the angle that they are shooting at you. if theyre standing still shooting to the right of you, then shoot to the right of them at the same angle. thier "sweet spot" should be somewhere around there.

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Both shooting: occasionally you can get into a standoff situation, you see you bullets hitting the opponent, therefore he is not shooting at you, to him it is reversed, he sees HIS bullets hitting YOU and therefore does not see you shooting him, this results in both people standing there firing with no effect on each other. Often a dropped packet will cause a break in someones shooting and BLAM the other guys shots start to register at last.

Could you elaborate on that a bit? I'm not sure I understand. As of yet I don't hear anyone else mentioning these sort of things during the game. It seems like I'm having the most exaggerated of these issues. Either that, or everyone else is so well-experienced that they don't even notice the issues anymore, but that seems to be unlikely.

I suppose, in time, this will get worked out. For the time being, I'll snag a spaz and shoot like a maniac..

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It's because mta is client-side,so u shoot first and your game assumes to be hiting,but the person's game(The 1 ur shooting)doesn't assume,therefore he shoots u on his game and hits u,and the same happens to on ur game,therefore both get stuck in firing.Btw try to shoot first then other people :P if you follow death's advice,if theyre shooting to ur right and u shoot to their right,they hit u(They keep aiming to the same side,but.... :) )

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I just spaz like a maniac now. I can't kill anyone with 200+ ping. I just run from them. They call me "lamer" and stuff, but there's nothing I can do. They always sweep me away with a damn UZI (yes, a cheap plain old UZI) and I can't even touch them.

But I can own all the cable users. :lol:

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bullet trails, long line of smoke left by bullets, use the end of this to aim, yeah. And one time, everytime i shot a bullet, it would display the ricochet animation on my guys ass lmao, so yeah, ignore ricochets points ::btw, this was hilarious with like the m60, looked like he had one too many atomic burritos::

and auto aim, lord, hope they never utilize that lmfao

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So, you post asking how to hit people, then seemingly ignore the clear answers and useful tips given then go on to post a whole load of (bogus) methods you use yourself telling people to use them? Crazy. [NOTE: utopias post was removed as it was steeringmany new players in the wrong direction with totally inaccurate advice]

Shotguns suffer the same problems as any other weapon, I'm presuming you didnt actually bother to READ my reply.

So, read it, look for keywords 'ignore the blood' and 'offset' and 'ping'

Any other new peeps reading this thread please note you should only pay attention to the initial tips and deathb's expansion. Ignore the later list.

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[...]Ignore the later list.

^ Yeah, but that introduces a paradox :P.

Anyway, although I'd like to think this change to the "new aiming system" was for the best, I've yet to see that in reality. All it did was send everyone back to school learning from scratch and (re)trying a good deal of wacky aiming methods; I believe everyone will attest to that. Although it IS kinda fun and played a funky number with the food chain as we came to know it right before .3, I don't think you'll easily come across anyone that'll say "thx, this aiming system works better". A bit harsh, I know, but as the song goes "sad, but true".

As a 56ker, whenever I manage to get a decent break (~300ms ping as per MTA scoreboard), which doesn't happen all that often anymore, I always play as a pi... eeerm as a cop. Right. So that means 40 (or so?) chrome shotgun shells to work with unless you take a cherry poppin trip. Now in .2.2, you knew that aiming ahead would yield some results depending on how accustomed to the game you were; surely it'd take a couple o' dozens of shots when playing with good opponents being the lagging bastard that I am, but overall it worked ok till the end for me. OF course we didn't have the "knocked-down-ppl-walking" illusions then either, but yeah, anyway.

Now I'm not really sure about aiming ahead anymore. I have discovered something else though: sometimes when you keep shooting some dude and he's doing the same thing, but no one gets hurt, it helps if you stop for a bit, move around and try again, instead of continuing to fire and wait for your "packets to take priority" or whatever is actually going on. Also, changing to another weap ( the 9mm for example), firing a shot with that and back to the previous one can help as well, since sometimes your packets' weap ID info gets fuxed and others see you throwing fists or whatever.

All in all, it's a kind of "give it some time to clear up" experience for me now. That, along with the new aiming system, the walking anim bugs and the laggier overall experience ever since the latest release, has got me playing SP more (stuntin) and MTA less than ever before :(. But I guess that's good news for you all, isn't it?

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I guess so

As for Utopia the only stategem that he uses is the run like hell one or maybe 7 on his list was talk all kinds of sh*t then ask for a truce then talk more sh*t. I would love it if people would ignore Bump and Death and use Utopia's method, please!!!!! I love killing real easy.

The other thing to do is just keep moving. I will give Utopia some first hand advice cause I have seen him in action (for lack of a better term). Run man, I mean in circles not away and vary your direction. I never stop moving, except to shoot and then just for a sec.

You stand with the M60 for an hour your bullets follow me cause you don't aim ahead so I don't even have to change direction once I get behind you I stubby you and you ask for a truce or run. Same thing when you get your trusty spaz. You kill with that occasionally because it's powerful but not like you should.


I forgot to address his evidence that it works. Just because second place was 9 and you had 40 doesn't mean your system worked. 5 people with 100+ kills could have just logged off you could have been there for hours and the 9 kill guy could have been there for 10 mins. In that case your just had a stable client and the new guy is owning.

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Well, like I said, the idea of using a pistol or UZI is out of the question. The only gun I can kill with is the M60 or the M4. MAYBE a shotgun on a rare occasion.

Kinda hard to run & shoot with an M60, M4, or a Shotgun.

Also, I've seen people at a stand still shooting an M60, for example, and even then, aiming right at the body does nothing. They're not even moving! How can there being a ping problem and lead-aiming if they're standing still?

Yeah I've tried moving, then shooting, etc, doesn't seem to help much. Also I do lead aim. I know about ping issues and I lead shot like a 56k but the unstableness of the game causes the enemy to jolt and seemingly "teleport" all over the place. I do the best I can. I've been gaming for quite some time now, so leading is not a problem... It has nothing to do with my aiming... The fact of the matter is there is no relevancy to aim here. It's more or less "shoot and hope to it" atleast for me. That doesn't mean "I can't aim so I shoot like crazy like a mad newbie." It means the aiming is whack. :(:o

And I call for a truce not because I suck, or because I can't aim, but because your trigger happy mates like to participate in 5 on 1 matches... :)... Even if there were no aiming stability issues, I can't shoot in two directions at once... :wink:

(That's also why I run AWAY from you and not in CIRCLES... :roll: )

...By the way, my list is a compilation of what everyone else has said in this topic... ...um, k then...

Evidence that they work is the fact that I can actually kill the enemies.


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It seems there is no helping you, all the relevant issues have been explained yet you still reject or refuse to take them in, so lets just leave it that you personally cannot shoot anyone. Meanwhile other people with the same question can read our tips and improve thier game

Prokopis:you said 'OF course we didn't have the "knocked-down-ppl-walking" illusions then either, but yeah, anyway'. Hehe, did u actually ever play 0.1 or 0.2? The problem was much much worse, people would slide around for ages 'flat on thier backs' because there were no animations triggered to correct them being knocked down. Now they will instantly pop back up as soon as they move because the walk run or strafe anims will have been triggered.

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Did someone delete the post I just made? Oh well. I'll repost it only in a shorter form:

My list is based off everything that was explained in this topic, I simply organized them in a list of effectiveness.

I've rejected nothing that was so generously advised from the people in this topic.

Sorry if this thread took a wrong turn, and if I appeared to be ungrateful in any way.

Thanks to everyone for your contributions.

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Uh... about the shotguns, they're actually one of the most effective weapons in-game. You don't have to use all of those weird aiming tactics everyone just mentioned, either. These mainly apply to machine and sub-machine guns (M60, M4, Mac10, etc.).

First of all, you need to run or jump around your target to evade their shots so you won't be hit; keep moving, it'll help you live longer than standing still, believe me. Usually, you'll find yourself locked head-on with your target when you fight him (unless you surprise attack him). Jump or run around the person and shoot until one of your shots register and you knock him down.

Now, here comes the most difficult part for most people: you need to time your final shot just right so that when he gets up, you blast him away and kill him instantly before he can even move.

This takes practice, and a lot of it... but if you can pull it off, you'll be nearly unstoppable. :D

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I've been playing since late September Bump, so yeah, I've seen both .2 and .2.2 (something deep down tells me I wouldn't want to have seen .1 anyway :o). In both those releases, when you knocked some1 down with a shotgun, you knew that they fell and you could tell where that was. Weird knocked-down sliding didn't really matter when ppl were running about, cause you still could tell where they were going, and still shoot at them even above ground level which to you would be just hitting air - a dude that's sluding to you, is a dude standing and running in his screen, so it's what happens there that I'm really interested in, not what I see. In .3 however, if for some reason you were looking elsewhere and didn't see where they went down, you'll just see the actor keep on running in some direction and will have to guess (a) whether they actually fell down or not and (b) where the hell that was exactly so you can stand right behind their back and give em their much needed dietary lead supplement the way only you know how :).

All in all, I just found myself thinking "yeah, ditto" when I first read DeathB's comments some 25 or so days ago about how walking anims weren't all that usefull and whether there was a way for them to not be implemented in some other release or something like that.

I guess some ppl (unappreciative bastards :P) just look right through and past the eye candy pretty quickly and want to get down to the nitty gritty. I also guess I fall in that category myself...

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Some important considerations:

First person aim does not work.

Auto-aim does not work

Use "standard controls". If you're like me and you use a gamepad (like the ps2),

you proabaly set the controls to "classic mode" to make them like the ps2. Classic controls

do work as long as you don't use first person view/aim. However you cannot aim up or down, and rotating left/right is very slow. Standard controls allows fast up/down/left/right aim but will require some gamepad remapping to make it effieient. I have also found that the mouse gives the best aim control as opposed to keys or analog gamepad sticks. I currently use a Logitech gamepad with analog sticks and a mouse for fine aim control when necessary.

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The people who use the auto aim are the ones that complain about god mode cheaters.

thats not true...

I was complaining about it too... before i'd read this thread...

but uhm... all those strategies and tactics sound nice... and i'm sure they'll work... but uhm... why do we even have this problem??

the game is run on a server right?

so why dont they make the server just tell your client EXACTLY where the other dudes are?? like with BF1942... or is that undoable in code??

i dont think so... but then again... im not a GTA3-coder... i code in BF1942 and Max Payne 2...

but i think it could be done... and than lag problems... hmmmm... if they make movement and firing server-side (like i said above)... people with good connections would be able to kill everyone and peeps with slow connections would have a hard time... but that sounds right, dont it?

k... i hope someone from the dev-team will reply to this... cause i'd like to know what they think about my suggestions...

tnx for reading anyway...

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