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MTA 0.3 prolly delayed

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IJsVogel blew up his shuttle PC. He hopes it's only the power supply, but spare parts for a shuttle aren't that easy to find. 0.3 willl prolly be delayed. Do not ask us for how long. We will work as hard as we can with the rest of the team but don't be angry when we don't release next week

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Luckely i have warranty over this Shuttle xPC. Well, the main programming will be minimal 5 days delayed i guess... :/


Oh yeah, and guys.. please don't post topics asking the release date of v0.3 - we will announce it of course.

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Why not just take his hard drive out of his pc for the time beeing and just slip it into another pc until he gets the other one fixed? :wink:

How manny spare pc's do you have? And if you want to use your software on another pc, you'll have to reinstall it. You can't just put a harddrive in another pc and think everything will work

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Hey there , MTA Team you guys are legends you dudes rule !!!

i just found out about gta3:mta ,and i cant believe it WOW !!!!

if you guys get this game working smoothly online ,its going to be the best game EVER !!! anyways good luck with the next patch keep up the good work !! You guys are going be Millionaires $$$$$$$$

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millionares? - shame the R* don't really care about what we are doing and that the project is free =)

Just remember the release is delayed not canelled

Stop asking when 0.3a will be released and play more of 0.2a to remove boredom! =)

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What If RockStar uses the program and adjust it a little for vice?

Remember what they did to the other program someone made?

It was a car stat editor that someone did. They used it on vice.

And gave credit for it in the file.

But they knew about the fourms on GTA3Mods. I dont know if they know about this one....

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