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Great Job

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I just wanted to say great job to the people who made MTA. It's amazing what you guys can do with it. Just out of curiosity, have any of you been contacted by Rockstar? I imagine they'd be interested in this sort of thing, after all, it seems as if this is being rubbed in their faces... Though, not intentionally on your part. If I worked for Rockstar I'd be a little embarrassed right about now.

And about all these complaints (Bugs, cheats, etc) it promotes a very negative atmosphere and some people can't see this for what it really is! It's a lot of fun. You're playing a game built for single player online, in a very stable environment. Although it's not perfectly stable, it's stable enough, and even quite an accomplishment for not being an official release.

So... Keep up the good work you guys and good luck in the future!


Now the Vice City PC owners have something to show off to the PS2 players. woohoo!

(Sorry if this is spam.. :oops: )

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