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the final_stuntproject

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yo i still use ulead video studio 5.0...tell me wot u think is wrong with the editing cuz im not even sure what that is lol :lol:

isnt the editing puttin' all the movies in a row? :P

can u give a tip cuz i dunnoo wot u mean :) or think is wrong with the editing..

malakai :P

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maybe I choose the wrong word "coincidence" :oops:

I mean that the music don't fit with the movie ( or mix , ... I don't know how to say, I use an english dictionary and for the word ( on bulgarian ) " съвпадам " there was wrote " coincidence "

from dictionary:


(СЪВПАДна) coincide, concur, tally (с with); разг. fall in (with); (еднакъв съм) coincide, be identical (по време) coincide, concur; co-exist; (по място) coincide; (за мнения) agree, concur, coincide, accord, be in keeping

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yeah, decans auto has alot of good synching init. as for ur vid malakai, like they said u didn't synch, u just piled a load of stunts together and added music. wut u do to synch is (THIS IS CALLED CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM - REMEMBER WHAT THIS IS BEFORE COMMENTING ON MY VIDS! :) ) go through ur movie a couple of times after u've piled the stunts together and added the music, and try shortening or changing around clips so when say you land, or hit a jump, or even crash, theres a kind of BANG in the song. Du Hast is a sweetass song, i've been listenin to Rammstein for a while ("MOUTTAHH!!" lmao) so they have their shit down for having big dramatic explosive bangs. Rap is alot harder to synch to unless it's got sum techno or rock init (:ampt: stunt reel).

Overall ur stunts were good, and i saw one grind in there that was extremely original. I bow to you for that, cuz new rails in VC are very challenging to find these days! ALthough for ur other stunts sumn were much less original, for example sumtimes truck bumping, but not getting extreme-looking-air on it. meanwhile u did it in places that have been stunted in for a while.............. hey...... i just got a sweet idea for truck bumping, g2g!

enjoyed ur video dude, editing wusnt the best (get Ulead 7.0 - PM me) and sum stunts were boring. But all the rest were sweet. I bet if u spent a little more time stunting and editing, u could come up with a blow-away video. Try only to put the most extreme and jawdropping stunts in ur vids, not just things that fill time for the heck of it. That's what me and the rest of :ampt: have learnt from shitloadsa feedback.

Nice vid, ill get it and ur others on the site soon!

l8er- - - - - - - Andyroososoft

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yey :) ..wow im happy with comments and im defenitely gonna synch my next stuntproject 8) im gonna start on it tomorrow..but first i need sum nice music :wink: and offcourse find sum original shit to do.. thanks for comments and andy: iz cool u want my vid on yur website :o:P

im really happy with that :P


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