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another problem

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when ever i try to join a game it says "couldnt exicute program go to view -> options -> games to configure this game"

is thare a way to fix this so i can play? also is thare anything other that all for seen eye that u can use to play

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when ever i try to join a game it says "couldnt exicute program go to view -> options -> games to configure this game"

is thare a way to fix this so i can play? also is thare anything other that all for seen eye that u can use to play

Did you even try what it says? go to view>options>games ( and configure the game) (add it to the ase list)

And ASE is NOT needed to play it's a program to find server easier for you , and no as of this moment there is no other program, if you ave irc go to the mta irc (info on site) to find a some servers info .

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Come on man...I just started playing this game yesterday, and I've already figured it out. I don't even use ASE, costs too much money. I just play on the official game server unless some1 gives me an ip.

Then don't assume ASE is free you just have to click "7 more days" every 7 days. Glad you like it.

It is funny to see someone noob bash on his second post. :lol:

You are off to a great start I expect big things from you. =D>

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Note to wannabe smartasses: next time you say things to make yourself look better than others, check that you're not talking out of your ass first. In this case, you told that guy to RTFM - in a pretty cocky way too I might add. Well have you read it yourself? Do you know what the fu,ck is in there and what is not to be lecturing others? Seriously, for all your condescension, your half-assed posts ain't much help to anybody.

And BTW the real ASE manual isn't even where you said it was. That's just a promo-like tutorial page; he probably went there himself and found no answers. The real manual is here and if you ask me that's far from easy for ppl new to it to find. It's not in the setup EXE, it's not in the program's directory as a doc, or a HLP, or an html, or even as a simple readme. Ppl are bound to be asking all sorts of Qs about it left and right and for a good reason. Some of them will be as simple as this one was.

Next time you wanna play l33t, check that you've RTFM yourself first. Take care now.

PS: Sell sarcasm some place else; we're all stocked up here.

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Unclench Prokwotsit

You OBVIOUSLY have more trouble finding the manual than I first thought - lmao its NOT HARD

If you go to HELP

then ONLINE MANUAL it does bring up a short tutorial page but and THIS IS A BIG BUT, it says FULL MANUAL AVAILABLE HERE at the top of the page. All you have to do is CLICK. (you click on the underlined URL part of "HERE")

It might not be in the SETUP.EXE yakayakayaka but I'm pretty sure that if you can post on this board then you have access to the internet which it links off.

I DO know whats in the manual and it is pretty straightforward- if you cant cope with this sort of stuff then you should learn to walk b4 you run and find out how your computer works and how servers etc work- im not talking technical- just the basics

Before you start shouting your mouth off maybe you should actually find out the facts first!

Now someone do us a favour and lock this damn post.

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Lol @ looking at the facts first! And I get that from someone trying to apply the kinda logic you did to a person that comes here with this:

"couldnt exicute program go to view -> options -> games to configure this game"

...and asks ppl what to do. I mean If he can miss that, what makes you think he'd be able to find that manual, especially the funky way it's been placed online? Yet you tell him to go RTFM. Way to prove your accute assuming skills. Real smart man.

Personally I didn't have any greater a problem finding the full tutorial than you, but I'm not the one that created this thread, now am I? I got a kick out of you giving me advice about life or PCs too, keep it up :roll:.


Unclench Prokwotsit

Gibberish generator? Gotta get me one of those...

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Maybe because this wasn't about me, but that poor guy that couldn't make anything out of that error message, so he came to a place where he thought he'd get some help? And how a few trigger happy ppl here - yourself included - couldn't resist posting yet again the all too helpful RTFM. And even more when it's about a program, the manual of which is maybe harder to find than others.

This isn't about me. It's about this whole l33t attitude you guys continually boast.

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What a crock o' shit.

You tell a guy to stop acting like a jerk to new ppl and all of a sudden you're a Samaritan? And even so, wtf @ Samaritan? I'm not trying to help anyone; just trying to make you ppl stop something that's annoying and unhelpful. But yeah, ok dude. Whatever floats your boat :roll:.

And lol @ morale. Not morale (i.e. spirit, mood), not even moral. It's morality crusade®.

But just so you know, I'm never a crusader. I always go as a cop, ask anybody.

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morale :

the amount of confidence felt by a person or group of people, especially when in a dangerous or difficult situation

morale crusader in the terms I used it would therefore refer to you crusading for a group of people who lacked confidence in the actions of the members of this site...

In the context I intended my grammar was indeed correct.

Look get off your high F**King horse, unclench your backside and just STFU. I'm fed up with reading you whine about the tone of other peoples comments.

Here are a few basic facts- GTA:VC is a mod which requires a certain amount of knowledge/intelligence before using. If it was a commercially available product then fair enough welcome all and every query / comment that results from not being bothered to do the proper research. Manuals are there for a reason, to explain issues. The point of forums like this is to expand upon those issues not covered in manuals or too difficult to comprehend from the way they are written.

Just about all Windows applications have their documentation located under the HELP toolbar and ASE is no exception. It is exactly where you expect it to be. Your comments that it would be difficult to find are absolutely ludicrous. If someone cannot be bothered to read the documentation that is supplied then how can you expect their comments to be welcomed with open arms?

The people who are members of this forum are basically fed up with answering the same questions over and over again because no one can be bothered to search for the thread, or answering questions that the answers to are already clearly and concisely explained in the supplied documentation.

If you install something and try to use it without reading any of the explanatory guides for it then you are, I am afraid, a complete idiot and you will obviously have problems. You wouldnt expect a scientist to operate a particle accelerator without reading up on what the controls are first, so why can't that philosophy apply to other walks of life?

I am perfectly happy to talk someone through something they do not understand after reading the documentation but its frustrating having to wade through stupid question after stupid question until you find someone who genuinely needs help.

Basically if you don't like the tone of this forum then don't log into it, don't read it and don't respond to it. No-one is forcing you to.

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