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that idiot rank will ruin you in here. :lol:

Good thou that way it's a dummy deterant.

Incase you wondered why he has that rank? I looked it up.

this is probaly ilegal, i havent got gta vc, and was hoping the mta team would make it possible 2 download vc from the mta site, well? do u think this is possible?

MTA does not support Warez and what you suggest will never happen. Ur previous post where you asked to send it by e-mail was deleted (not by me or a reply like this would be on there as well) .

I locked this one and nominated you to receive the rank of forum idiot

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well the have a bug. the must add: No warez allowed on this forum

General MTA Forum Rules

*Forum operators are: the Administrators, Super Moderators and Moderators of this forum

*Use the search button to look for topics about problems before posting yourself

*Do not advertise with big banners and fonts and more than 2 similar links in your posts and/or signature

*Please keep the flaming to it's minimum

*Do not ask for a release date, we will announce when needed

*Do not ask for many details 'which will be in the next version', we will announce when needed

*Keep all your posts and signatures in English, except when other languages are allowed

*Do not use any violent words/characters (in any language) in your nickname

*Do not PM (private message) the forum'operators' about useless things

*Do not post any annoying messages such as extreme big messages, messages with extra large font sizes, etc.

*Do not ask to be a betatester

*The images in your post may not be bigger than 640x480 pixels, without permission from the forum 'operators'

*The images in your signature may not be bigger than 600x150 pixels, without permission from the forum 'operators'

*Do not post any wrong (violent, illegal, disgusting, pornographic etc.) images

*Do not post any negative content about MTA

*Do not flame other mods

*No verbal wars allowed

*Keep your posts in the General ... forums in discussion style a bit

*No unneeded capital letters in your post and/or (topic) subject

*Help others if you can and want

*When your post gets 'chat-styled' it will probably be locked, only discussions and such will be allowed

*Go to IRC if you want to chat

*Try to keep your topics in the right forums

*SPAM is allowed, but keep it in the right forum, General or BLASTA or something, spammers you know ;)

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