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Close and delete this forum its wastin space now

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ok not to call out the admins or nothing but my brotha was one mirc last night by the nick of canibus and he was sendin out stuff for mta no clue what admin tought but he told me it was server config and admin scripts (dont belive) that , but i didnt even kno about it and like an idiot he got banned permently now when i use my xp account and try to go on mirc mta servers i cant connect it says it is banned by my internet provider , its not fair if some one dose somming like that and it affects the other people they could of warnd him but no and the banned reason says well look for ur self.Closing Link: point[s*j*1-3**7.n*.a*i*nt.net] (User is permanently banned (no reason))

any toughts on it :?::twisted:

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