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New official MTA:VC Gang! THe {KK}s

Guest GaNgStA.

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The Don wants U!!!

Post GaNgStA for details.

Don't Delay, join {KK} today.

*Training included so {KK} perfect for newbies.

*We are not afraid to fight any enermy.

*We hope to rule VC.

*Even tho the Don is leader, we will still all get a fair slice of VC for ourselves.

*Expert players are most welcome to since its not all training out there.

*First come first serve if u join fast u can get a bigger piece of turf.

"If we do not become rulers of VC and we are beaten we will at least make such an end as to be REMEMBERED by!!!"Quote GaNgStA.

If you are interested plz post me by 20 days,

when we make our stand for Glory!!! GaNgStA.

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