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HELP: Need help with Patch

Guest Hanman

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Ive been trying to install the mod "GTAVC_Ultimate_Nudes_1.1" but when i try and modify the gta3.img file using GTA3Mods.com's IMGtool, when rebuilding the archieve it says "currently in use.. exiting.." when it isn't as i just start the computer. I also try ViceTXD i look under the images.. and it shows that the .txd's has changed.. what is the problem how comes it isnt showing in game?

Copy of the Readme file for the Mod:

GTA Vice City Ultimate Nude Patch v1.1

by dr_colossus

some of the skins were taken from the Nude Patch by Nico

This is the new nude patch for GTA Vice City including 12 reworked skins.

I found the patch from Nico lacked somewhat in quality and I missed some

'nudity' on several other models. So here comes a completely new version.




- still no support for the GTA Mod Installer as it doesn't install correctly. the txd files are added

but when trying to browse the gta3.img file with ViceTXD or rebuilding the file with IMGTool it occurs an

error, thus the file structure seems to be damaged.

- converted the bmp files to txd filed and named them correctly so manual installation is easier.


- several new models where partly undressed or retouched with very slight changes.

- two new completely nacked models.

- the two private dancers are now completely naked and shaved. ;)

- two of the three exotic dancer skins were completely reworked again for more realism.

- Candy Suxx was removed from this patch. If you still want her naked check out Nico's nude patch.

- overall 12 partly or completely naked chicks.

... check the preview.jpg to see what awaits you!



1. get IMGTool (for example from http://www.gta3mods.com/programs/misc.php) and install it.

2. backup and remove the write protection from your "gta3.img" in "gta vice city folder/models/"

3. open the "gta3.img" file in IMGTool.

4. search with edit/find for bfybe.

5. right click on the found bfybe.txd in IMGTool and select replace and replace the file with the new

one from this patch (in the txd folder).

6. repeat step 4 and 5 for all included .txd files.

7. after replacing all, select 'rebuild archive' from the command menue.


the bmp files are included as well .... feel free to change the skins like you want.

Just be sure to save them in the correct format again (check the file size!).

If you save them as .bmp files with Photoshop 7 it won't work as ViceTXD gives an error.

Solution for that for example is to save them as PCX from Photoshop and then convert them

with ACDSee into BMP and you get the correct format.

Have phun and enjoy the new strip show! ;)


Thanks :!:

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"currently in use.. exiting.." means that maybe your game is runing atm, make sure when you modify any files of vc that your game isnt running + maybe you have to take off the read only attributes of your files....plz be more specific

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