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Timing out on GTA:VC Servers

Guest Herr FlicK

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HI, im pretty new here and i downloaded the MTA thing to play online with GTA:VC but when I connect to a server with the MTA Client I see a chat screen and the players.

I can chat for like 10 seconds then I time out.

Disconnected: Connection timed out. (Delay = 10 sec)

I tried to open the router ports : 2003 with TCP and UDP and both.

but it didnt helped.



Windows XP Proffesional

G-Force 4 Ti 4200 Special edition.

Router (Internet provider @Home (holland) )


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#1 Read manual

#2 Read FAQ

#3 Search before creating new topic


im not a noob

and i searched and tried everything before I even read that.

opened my ports from my router etc.. nothing worked.

i just connect into the MTA channel i can chat for like 5 seconds.. then it disconnects

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