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Gang Match Mode

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i know about the mirc script team but i thought it might be cool as a game mode gangs can get money from kills and use the money 2 buy houses and use them as base's im talkin mainly 4 gang fights and have a different score board with the gangs name and players i dont know just an idea

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i thought id reply as far as "gang match mode" goes.

we have a mirc script that sgb developed that recognizes the gang tags that you want it to upon entry, and puts them on a team accordingly. it doesnt give u any message that your on a team, or even what the score is. it just has timers that will tell u whos on what team along with the score every x minutes. that way the chat box wont be flooded causing the players to crash as per what happened during our gangwar match. (or whatever u wanna call it =P) wev got everything done right now but the timer(should be done very soon). it will also help by randomly choosing teams, giving a timer before the start of a match. and allowing up to 4 gangs to participate. (imagine 4 teams with 6 players in a 24 player serv each with a diff spawn chosen by the teamscript at random going at it. it would be hell :twisted:

so in other words, 24 player gangwars with a teamscript on will be very possible very soon.


we just might edit it specially for elimination gangwar matches, so that if you die you are kicked. that way no respawning is possible, and it will tell you whos left on the other team with a command like !team. will have a timer of like 5-10 mins to let both sides get ready. randomly choose each gang a spawn with a command. (should u wanna play that way). randomly choose who defends first, possibly have a list of different locations that it chooses at random for each gang to defend. and regulate the chatbox so that only certain people can talk which should cut down on all the unnecisary chatter that has happened every gangwar so far.

just something that sgbs been developing in his spare time that i thought was worth mentioning.

p.s.s. stuff like this is why i love sgb :)

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