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Stunt'd - The Unused Stunts, figured I might as well release


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Hey guys, these are some stunts that didn't make it into my stunt'd movie, the movie is my best, i didn't spend very much time editing it, but I just wanted to release some of the stunts before I deleted the original.

Rate it, don't rate it, doesn't bother me its just a movie that i thought you might like to see.

Here we go:


http://www.thegamersalliance.com/videos ... unused.avi

Tell me what ya think :)

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btw grim... that mall jump with the packer in stunt'd was the coolest stunt ive seen in a while =)

Yea that was a cool one, it looks easy, but its hard to get enough speed on that run up.

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yes if its youre last vid me and bloddy and sam wll shoot are selves at same time but then we all run away and fake are death

plz dont quit making vids ill make one with u uve seen my stunt havent u

Well, I wouldn't quite say that. There is more to life than just vids, like, beer, hot Japanese women, water, ............etc :lol:

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Erm, you actually don't pull the backflip, since technically you're dead when it starts happenin; that's why the actor stays attached to the bike for a complete rotation. I guess they're fun to watch, but I don't think ppl can really be that bothered to die every time they want to try one. Of course I could be wrong with some of you obsessive lunatics, but hey :P.

BTW nice vid. Woulda been even better if you could tell where the line between fact & fiction was...

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It's standard DivX encoding; seems weird you should have a prob with it. Do the rest of your DivX encoded vids work right? If not, do you have the latest divx codec and player? Even if you do, if you have doubts about how well it was installed, you could try un- and reinstalling it. Also have you tried opening it with any other programs? Finally, you could try fiddling with the DivX decoder properties and see if there was something wrong there (although I seriously doubt that any setting of those attributes could render a vid unplayable, but anyways...).

Hope that helped.

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hey prokipis can i ask u a question /me talks like a m8 why the :o are u perfect doesnt he do a backflp ppl so what if youre dead it loooks like youre doin a backflip it doesnt show him on a bike saying OMFG i died dumbass perfect person im goim to ask ijs vogel to make a perfectperson rank

Maybe its me but I didn't understand this? :?::shock:

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