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connection reffused incompatible version

Guest douglas03

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when ever i try to join a game it says connection reffused incompatible version. i dont no what that means can u give me a place where i can download a compatible version that will work

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yep . here you go :

Direct Download :http://www.mtavc.com/downloads.php?load_id=60&filename=MTAInstall-0.3r2.exe

Download Page :http://www.mtavc.com/downloads.php?file_id=60

This should fix the problem . And if this problem consists . Try a different server , because it is the server that is old . Make sure that you select the "Other" botton on ASE if you dont have the latest update . This is going to show only the servers with the latest version

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(useful topics doesnt have nething with 0.3br2)

Mr.Bump: like i said in IRC i click on Other and even downloaded the custom filter and it does not connect. It gives the same message. i GOTTA ask although its stupid; has it accually been tested to connect to people's server?? Or another thought ive thought is the news u people posted

Also note that there is an updated server configuration tool. The first 180 people who downloaded it have a faulty version. This version also got distributed to other sites.. You can grab the patched version here

Maybe people havent updated their server. Could this be the reason?

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