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Wat wil you do if you had 7 days to live?


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Probably what I always do.

Just because I have 7 days to live doesn't make me the richest man in the world with the most opportune circumstances... it means I am going to die.

I would hope that I could see my girlfriend during that time though, or at least hear from her... she is lucky to write a couple times a week :/

SM Chaoswolf: good for you ;) your loss is potentially someone elses gain..

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*shoots doctor*

*runs out and start shooting people*

*shoots people untill someone shoots him and kills him*

as you can see, if im going to die in a WEEK im not gonna live till then to die from horibble pains or sumting, im gonna make my death as fast as posible.

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Yeah I c wat you mean. Like canser some ppl downt want to go twords that pain and use pills to go to sleep and never wake up.

oke back on topic

hmm - party my ass off the whole time, try (in safe doses =P) every single drug, drink available etc etc

oh yeah... and probably go bungy jumping and stuff like that

Drugs? Isent that iligaal? There is NO WAY to get drugs in russia.

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Ok 7 day's in my last life huh?

1st Day: Try to flood all the servers

2th Day: Try to burn down the Kickban Script (oh yeah that feels good)

3th Day: Create my own Kickban Script

4th Day: Try to steal mta:vc 0.9B ( it's already done =P )

5th Day: Try to count 4.678.555.375 goats

6th Day: Beta hack GTA San Andreas and sharing with all of you

7th Day: Complete GTA:VC 14 times

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If I had 7 days to live... hmmm

1st. Top Priority: Shoot Richard Morton, the big toothed gimp that he is

2nd. Get to R* North studios, somehow

3rd. Take up Smuggling Nuclear Weapons into my house

4th. Detonate a small Nuke in the School

5th. Destroy a Renault Clio, Leguna, Senic and Megane with a large Nuclear Bomb

6th. Get pished coz its Saturday

7th. Stay in Bed with a Hangover. Get up at 8pm, eat last nights Curry and fall in a heap on the floor

8th. Get up, curse. I forget Im Immortal :)

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heh after reading ur crazy and whacky commments i ahve to say a few things


2.7DAYS!!! i'd try to not sleep at all

3.i'd hope to spend the entire time with the girl i love

i'd block everything else out, just spend as much time as we cud together, and if we argue then get fooekd off and start going crazy :P hehe

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