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*!*!*!* 2 v 2 Tournament *!*!*!*


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-=11pm GMT Saturday 21st February =-

Simple tournament , 2 v 2 , 1 x 30min round , most kills wins and goes to next stage.

Maximum Of 16 Teams

Post In here if you want to join with your teammates name included.

1. Deathb + SGB

2. Wheelman + Pi

3. Ransom + Firefox

4. Dealer + Zoot

5. Teknickel + XCrispy

6. Crunch + Gamefreek

7. [WtF]Zeus + [WtF]SpanX

8. MadMike + TheNight/Deejee

9. Outback + N4sr








Available for Selection



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I would love to but I am unavail but of course you know who my partner would be right?

I am lazy and you are gifted so can you set up a single elimination MTA single player tournement? Same as your 2 on 2 but once you gave out pairings they would have to arrange a fight and report back who won and then get a new pairing for the winner.

This would be a long term battle and it's own thread. I will help keep track but I don't have the time or resources to set it up. I am doing one for the KFC championship in Excel maybe I will do it here too if you don't want to.

Another great idea Dealer good job I can't wait to read this thread monday.

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Yo, whole [WtF] will join! :!:

P.S! We have two members only, so put in [WtF]Zeus and [WtF]SpanX. :wink:

Well I guess... it depends what time is 11 PM. What time zone?

GMT... hmmz... I think we'll come :wink:

OK he comes ^_^

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well dealers offline for close to a week, so il answer this =p

in events in the past wev used the ulk private server(formerly the vcs server), and should he need more player slots for whatever reason then im sure that the kfc and tmm servers as well as our 24 player serv would be used. so were pretty much set server wise.

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