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Hi iam new, i have a ciber in Argentina and want to play GTA VC on Lan. I have the server, the clients on all machines and all, but when i put "Start Game" on the client, there fuck an error message...

Undhandled exception: c0000005

At address : 00652f30

I have the 1.0 version on all machines. Its this the problem???

Please help me!


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you need an other exe

try downloading an other exe

heres is one link that will work and maybe the exe works to

http://www.*******.com/gtavc.exe set al client to 1.1 and your done i dont know if this is an no cd or try other links

this one you need to rename to gta-vc.exe

here is an other link that will work properly with mta i think


or just try all exes on http://www.******.com

Cracks are bad, mmkay? =)

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Thankz to all who reply...

A ciber, yeah its a Lan House with Internet and all that... here we call it "Ciber Café" (Ciber-Coffe) but there its no coffe so i dont know why its called in that form ;-)

Ho yeah, I need a new patch or No-Cd crackm sorry about that, its ilegal but here its the only way, the prizes its only for millonaries.

Again.. thankz and... sorry


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