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Pet Foil Hat Technology (PFHT) GET ONE NOW!!!!!!!


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I take the following forms of payment only [in the equivalent value of the winning bid price + shipping]:

Monopoly money [exchanged at 0.0005% face value]

Canadian Tire money [at face value]

Traveler's cheques

Shiny beads, trinkets, or gold coins

Chocolate bars

Cod, the fish, at current market value.

Hershey's Kisses - please note that I will not consider melty sticky kisses a valid payment

It speaks for itself
All legal currency must be dated from after the year 2000, since I don't want it to have the Y2K bug.
Didn't the guy know that was only with computers?
Features of this product:

Bakes potatoes when placed around a potato in a hot oven.

Ok, now if u read that and still placed a bid on the item, you should be shot on site, how fucking stupid can u be

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sorry but this is too funny, this guy must be paranoid or something

paranoid? yes the idea is but actually hes just a smartass

/me thinks about to quit his job and getting creative instead

>>Bakes potatoes when placed around a potato in a hot oven.

>>One size fits all pets, thanks to the adjustable "sizing fold". Do not attempt to adjust the size of your pet's head to fit the PFHT.


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