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I need some skins!

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/me is damn happy when wheel is finally a official blasta

hunter:dammit, i never ever saw anyone asking more bs than you do lol

here are some pretty useful links:(maybe make a tatoo of them so you dont forget them, oh sry i forgot, you're blind!!! j/k)

http://www.google.com or http://www.gtaforums.com

or lets make a deal: ill try to make a trinity skin for you and you will stop spamming this section with your problem threads ok? oh btw: if one of your legendary problem threads are worthless than plz post a msg like "ready to die", than we know when we can lock and delete them.

you will easily find an agent smith skin, just google for "vc matrix mod" or so, dl it and there should be a good one...uff

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well, theres an easy way to get the girl skin. while in-game type in:



thats how i got "Mouttah" riding the bike (everybody has sumthing agianst the meaning of Mutter cuz it means Mother - lol)

u just have to type in the cheat until u get the skin u want. its pretty wikid.

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