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My own 2 cents:

1) This would make manhunt servers a joke. You just hotmap the target , hunt him down, win.

2) This turns free-for-all into me-getting-revenge-against-you and would allow cheaters to annoy one player over and over and over.

Now for finding friends this would rock. Bu as it is I always encourage my friends to play on the same team as I.

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This was discussed by the team many moons ago and rejected at that time for much the same reasons, too easy to use it for victimising people.

There is however the possibility it could be player set, i.e. the person who is marked on the map chooses to do so himself, and decides who is able to see it. Time will tell ;)

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itd be nice both ways. itd be nice to do it urself for friendly games of manhunt, and itd be nice to do it to someone else on ur screen so u can see where ur teamates are at without anyone else knowing

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maybe a bind key that makes your color flash on the radar when pressed?

(limited to how often you can flash yourself of course)

player1: "where are you"

player2: "right here"(flashes radar)

player1: "oh, i see you"

that's a idea...

it's handy and u dont have to type where your location is ;)

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