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New, NON-CHEATING clan to hit GTA VC:MTA

Guest IMP@QT[GawD]

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Hello, my name is IMP@QT, and i just wanted to announce that our clan has decided to grace our presence to MTA.

I only have a select few that are willing to play this game, but i feel in time, we will have more players in our clan.

We are a Quake 3 Arena Clan, but i will only be recruiting for GTA VC:MTA.

All who are interested in joining, forward your requests to sray2000@adelphia.net

Also, we will, in the very near future, have a number of different servers up and running for the public, with a various amount of scripts for gameplay, such as team deathmatch, manhunt, and VIP. Im hoping that the MTA team comes out with more scripts, and better cheat protection for the legit, and hardcore gamers of MTA.

Here is a little info/rules of our clan server(s):

If cheaters are spotted, i would advise not saying anything, just remember thier names, and when u come across a admin, tell them, and they will take the proper steps to ban them forever, no exceptions. I will not tolerate cheating/hacking of any kind on my servers, period. No flying cars, speed hacks, god mode, infinite ammo, trainers, NOTHING. You can also email me those names at sray2000@adelphia.net, and i will ban them when i play(which is alot). MOTTO-CHEATING IS FOR NOOBS, GO PLAY WITH YOUR HACKS IN SINGLE PLAYER!!

On team-based servers, PLEASE follow the rules. Pick only the skins specified in the MOTD so u dont confuse everyone in the server, and tick ppl off(this is also a bannible offence). And i know accidents happen, but please dont kill your teammates, cause if you decide to turn into a renegade, and go on a killing spree, then you might as well leave, cause if you dont you will be banned for a period i feel is appropriate. ITS TEAM BASED, GO PLAY ON ANOTHER SERVER THATS ONLY DEATHMATCH! :x

Last time i checked this game was rated M-for Mature, so i dont mind ppl swearing like drunk a*s sailors, just try to keep it in a friendly manner. I and other admins wont ban for it, but we will kick u right out the door, just to get it through to u. :D

We are a very honest clan. We do not use hacks of any kind, in any game we play. New clan members, and old alike, caught hacking will be banned from the clan and servers FOREVER. Dont change your name and come back with cheats, and a new IP, i have my ways of obtaioning certain information, i will know.

Just follow these very simple rules while playing at our servers. Try to act like your older than your shoe size :P


The Clan---

Server 1: Clan Server TDM-Periodically online(check ASE)

Server 2 Clan Server FFA-Periodically online(check ASE)

Server 3 Practice Server-online availability unknown as of this time. Will be up soon.

Any other servers with the tag are vrious clan members personal servers.

Look forward to poppin' a cap in that a*s soon.

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WOW!!! I didnt expect to get even 1 response in a 24 hr period!!! Thanks for the welcome, and im looking forward to seeing u all in the game.....

OHH, and BTW, i would like to make a suggestion on the script for the mIRC server admin script program. The team deathmatch script, is there anyway u could make it so u could actually KNOW whos on what team, like make a red or blue dot above thier head, or the names where the energy meter is, because i had to set rules as to what skins to use when in this mode, so nobody likes it like that, and they wont play it. :cry:

I would appreciate it alot.

Thanks again for that nice warm welcome :D

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Yeah, i noticed the skins not being right after respawn, but it was the best idea i couold come up with seing as i couldnt add any more characters to my name, cause it fills the name dialog to the max. Any way u could support longer names? And what about the question i had about the script(mIRC Admin-Team Script)????

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WELCOME TO MTA guys, see ya in the killing fields. :P

IMP, you were just on my server saying someone cheats because your hunter guns blew them up and they didnt lose any health. :lol:

rjerina, if you read his first post you would know he and his clan are new to MTA. They dont know yet that the Hunters weapons are NOT linked yet.

Instead of posting the above you should have just let him now that also.

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