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Anyone know how to get the sound and no movie?

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Hunter: i suggest you to download mIRC http://www.mirc.com

and then join for example irc//irc.multitheftauto.com/#mta

then ask someone there about your problems im sure someone wanna/can help you (usually 30-60 ppl there)

when i look at the first page of "screens and movies" im counting 15 threads only made by you and their usually all about your problems or other questions....

not flaming, just wanna keep this section more clearly *snargle*

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Download VideoMach


Open up your video (must be avi, divx or mpg)


Choose your "in and "out" points buy clicking the " |--| (similar)" then click to blue diskette icon, choose "Audio Only" choose a filename destination down below, go to the audio tab, choose WAV PCM uncompressed.


Hit the blue play icon and it will render the audio. Use any software to make into an mp3.

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