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2nd stuntproject..

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watch my new vid is juz few mins stuntin, im kinda bored im gonna work on a themed vid in a few days.. cuz im not really the stuntin type, i rather kill peepz and tape it but thats no fun..4 u

but anywayz heres the link :wink: [ps dont expect too much of this]

im not kiddin'..wtf.. :(

http://www.thegamersalliance.com/videos ... roject.mpg

comment wotever u want! :roll: but dont be too hard on me! :o

i might start cryin' :):(:?:?:x:cry:

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imfao :D

well noone except rebel said 1 thing about this other vid i made..then i started doin stunts :lol:

..oh smacktard b4 i posted this fucked up comment in one of yur topics ma apologies i edited it..and watched yur 3rd vid called UPBEAT it was GOOD! :) i even watched it twice..


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It was a nice vid. Some stunts didn't impress me (a lot 360) but there were some good stunts in it. I like the music.

For the stunts I would give a 6.5/10

For the music I would give a 8/10

And the editing a 6.5/10

So overall I would give it a 7/10

nice work :D

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man hearing that from u is great..."put it on my site if u want he says"

YES..OFFCOURSE :P it would be an honour!!

An honour it is. :P I definalty agree with that. :lol:

i dunno if its just me, but do i detect a hint of sarcasm there, considering earlier u were sayin my site looked like "bullshit". LMAO

I was being serious. :D

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