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can play fine online but can't see each other on lan

Guest Gianni1983

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hi, i just got mta yesterday. its great

i can play it fine online but on a lan its different.

we can connect but when we start the game we can't see each other. also, the game time is different.

please help, i really wanna get this going on a lan.

the computers have winxp pro and are running vc 1.0.

we are using MTAVC 0.3r2 with MTAServer-Win32-0.3

thanks in advance

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man..I have the same problem...I'm using the same mta client on both of my pc-s (MTA:VC 0.3r2) and a MTA:VC 0.3 Win32 Server (0.3.1) .

I launch the server, connect to it, start the game, choose the players, then we go to the same place, and we don't see each other. This is the same problem I had months before with the older version of mta. I'm a bit disappointed...and frustrated..: :?

I searched the forum for answers, but hell...I didn't find a thing...maybe it's my fault... but who knows :9

If you know the answer, please drop me a line.


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