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mta0.3r2 = modding = cheating.


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i dont care what u play

i dont give a fuck about what u use too

i dont care what u think about modding

mta0.3r2 != modding != cheating.

fuc. single play

all mta players cheaters ? (are you that stupid?)

and dont come flaming us, just because you s.u.c.k :wink:

i wonder what mod will lock this thread first, and what BLASTA member will flame this thread first

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i dont care what u play and dont come flaming us, just because you s.u.c.k :wink:

You are banned for this sever.

No insult here.


Men are blind in their own causes.

all mod is cheating, so mta is cheat mod

what the fuck? you know what.. mta is cheating got problem with that u retard fucking asshole

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i will play only single game.

i don't use map.. car modding , etc..

all modding is cheat

mta0.3r2 = modding = cheating.

play only single game.

all mta player are cheater.

anyway. mta is poor mod.

many bug, error, disconnect..

Do you have any idea how retarded you sound? I mean... really, that's like saying:

Driving a car is bad.

Driving a stolen car=illegal so driving any car=illegal

make sense? No? Good welcome to your world.

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You DONT have to play MTA.

You can play SP as well.

We play MTA because SP is not MP, and multiplayer is fun.

It's no wonder that it crashes sometimes because it's in an early state and does actually hack gta-vc (otherwise, MP would not be possible)

So don't flame because you should be happy that there are mods that allow MP...


-> Making the game easier to play/skip missions is cheating (SP)

-> using advantages any other hasn't in MP is also cheating

-> But multiplayer is NOT cheating.

I suppose: -> close thread

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