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Hulk: Part 1 and 2

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alright dude im going to be honest with you. and note that this is just an opinion, which is exactly what you ask for by posting movies here and saying how did u like it

- begin

i dont really like your movies that much. what you seem to like doing is coming up with a basic script, and then just driving around and maybe killing someone here and there for 6 minutes in the hulk. just to put a movie out, (you seem to think theres a most movies ever competition) have you ever seen the movie that gtat put out for like a movie trailer?

-you can see it here


that video is priceless. the whole video doesnt contain one stunt, but it was just so origional and well done that you cant help but watch it over and over. THATS the kind of storylined video you should do. please use this video as inspiration for your next one, because no offense dude but right now your movies are just plain boring.

p.s. what the gtat team did in that video is by far the best home made video that i have ever seen. that was just EXTREMELY well done. watch it and i think you will agree.

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this was pretty funny and nicely themed..but i do think it couldve been more umm explosiv en i didnt like the music to much and u kinda kept ramming cars with the hulk ON a moped lol...THE HULK on a moped

lolol..maybe u got too excided posting the vid and wondering what peepz thought of it..it needs sumthin crazy in it :roll: but offcourse makin a themed vid in a game aint easy so..hey nice job rofl :wink:


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I loved the BadSanta part one TheHulk is the second one I have see from you.

It was only OK. The hulk skin was disturbing because he looks like he has abs on his lower back and chest muscles on his upper back.

I like how you set him up to get angry but the music video format is easier to watch because the song told the story. You have to use the silent movie text style that drags the story.

You need voiceover or just a song that fits the action. That's why my suggestion about the Biggie song might be good.

nice effort.

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