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Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

Guest Shrek

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I get the Data error (cyclic redundancy check) when trying to install VC. I had to uninstall it because it was modded and now, using the same disk, I cant re-install the game.

Screen shot here


Please help asap :evil:

Its driving me nuts :x

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hmm interesting, i used it thro my cdrw drive, then i tried rippin them onto the hardrive and using isos becuase it always used to hand like right before it finished, maybe i should just use my normal drive

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Put the CD in you primary dvd or cd drive the way to find that out is to right click on my computer and go to explorer and if it says some thing like this g:/dvdram h:/CDrom then you put the disk in you dvdram or whatver letter comes first. if you play mta and dont dont put you vice city disk in the primary drive you play the game for 5 seconds and then it takes a crap.

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