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Really useless reading inspired by cable vs adsl thread


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Well, I just got done the posting in adsl vs cable thread (about how my adsl pwns http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?p=67645#67645 ) so I though I might continue by writting my stories wabout me and my buddies!

So this one time right, were walking down broadway, adn theres like super heavy super fst traffic right, and im all like to ted "hey ted, HEY TED!" (teds a bit slow you know.. great guy though) "TED! I bet you cant run across the street without getting hit!" and he's all like "uh ah! yeah I can" and im all like "no you cant" and hes like 'yes I cant" and im like "no" and hes like "yeah" and "no" and "yeah" and im like "no" then hes all like "yeah" so im like "well if you can why dont you do it?" and hes all like "my banana's acting up" and im all like "no its not thats an apple now come on do it!" and hes like "fine I will!" well he gets about half way before a sidekick ("jeep" for those who dont know the model) hits him righ,t and he crawls the rest of the way and hes like "I did it! i did it" waving his arm at me (the one he's holdinhg right, cause the car tore it off) and im all like "dan it ted, your not suppost to do it!" well anyway We went to see doc after (great guy doc is, bit of a meany, but can heal anything) and hes all like "gah dman it ted not again what happen this time" and ted all like mumbles off and hes all like "ah, bil you bet ted to run across the street agan eh?" and im all like "yeah it was TOTALY awsome! I was like you cant do it ted and he was like yeah I can and h-" "shut up bill, e've heard i before scrol up.. " "sorry" anyway doc fixs ted arm up again right? with like stuff you've nevr seen before, he said something about being unlicened and got to get his own equipment, so anyway once he took the noodles out of teds arm it was all like, freaking awsme so i go to ted and im al like "hey ted1 your arms like all freaking awsome again!" and hes like "yeah"

and thats one of my stories.... If thisdosnt get closed ill do more... just so incase someon finds themselves REALLY bored they can come here and be like "awsome man, bill posted again! freaking sweet!" and like yeah...

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wow bill pure.... umm umm whats the word im looking for, i begins with a c.... hmmm CRAP !! :D excellent work at least 3mins of useless reading there :P kinda reminded me of this 1 time at band camp when this girl played god save the queen with the trumpet using no lips, well she lost the trumpet during the second verse which nobody knew the words too but everyone cheered and mumbled along. short n sweet story with a nice cast and some real good performances.

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