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Vice City Movie Makers (movies from vice)

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when i say movies i dont mean 3 minute stunt movies. I'm talking about a REAL vice city movie. (Could be as long as an hour or more) this is the reason i need voice actors. So please reply if your interested. (And yes, i have made movies before for vice but i just recently reformatted, so they = gone. Either take my word or don't. It's up to you)

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to be honest, i dont take ur word for it until i see it. btw, most stunt videos range from 5mins to 15 mins nowadays. We simply make them this small because of the size of the video file. I don't think many people (especially 56k'ers) would enjoy downloading a 500MB video.

Although, to be positive, ur idea sounds kool and i'd love to see the results. Just don't come around here bragging about ur site which literally has just about nothing on it. Though, i hope these miracle voice acters do turn up, and i wish u luck on ur 'movie' dude

l8er - - - Andyroososoft

(btw - i accidentally left Samurai from TGA out in my last post - he is also one of the main people here with sweet sites and sweet videos :D )

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