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Connected to agme. In game. Dont see anyone.

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:shock: OK i am in the game, connected . in the chat field people are dying and talking. And i can tlak to them too. But on the mpa there are no Players. It is totaly vacant. What should i do?
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If you have MTAVC 0.3r2 then try using MTAVC 0.3

Some people have reported that eventhough the radar bug was on 0.3, that when they use 0.3r2 it doesn't work. I have heard of some people using 0.3 and it solves there problems (just a side note, i don't know where to get the original 0.3 so you'll have to ask for it)

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Do you have a firewall or router? (remember windows has a built in firewall too) If you do you try to fowarding the port 2003 .And make sure you dont have neither mta nor gta set to compatibility set to 98 or me.

Im not completely positive in all cases, but in my case i use Norton Personal Firewall 2004 and it will let you open ASE and you're looking at a list of all servers pinged at 9999. (and you CANNOT join a server until you have your firewall disabled.)

I had that problem once before BTW, i un-installed everything, re-installed and it worked FABULOUS! lol

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