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Manual for Creating a Win32 Server By DJ GTA v1.0


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Hello Everyone, I been sufing around and I seen lots of newbies asking how to create a server, so i decided to make a little manual :D (I have no life).

1.Take you fat bum to http://www.mtavc.com and click on "Downloads" to the right -> .



Then Click on "Releases".



Then Click on "MTA:VC".



Then you want three files: MTA:VC Server 0.3 Admin, MTA:VC Server 0.3 Config Tool and MTA:VC Win32 Server. Download all them by scrolling down and clicking on one of the mirrors.




Once all files are downloaded, you extract them to any folder or to the desktop.



Once all files are in the same Dir.



Now open the "MTA Server Config".



-Note make sure the MTA frame with the button is "Green/disable" to make it show up on ase.

and fill in all the infomation.

Once done open " MTA Server"



And your server is up and running.

Setting Up a Router:

Ok I don't know what router you have, but there should be something called DMZ host some were in the settings, Find it and you might have to click enable and might have to enter your LAN ip address.



Now you might have to open some ports too, Find something like this:



and enter ports 2003 and your LAN ip address. Now save it and ask a friend to try to jion your server.

Make sure its running / You need Vice City for this.

Open MTAclient and enter for host and 2003 for the port and the pass if you enabled one. See if you can connect and start the game.

Have fun.

Please post comments or suggestions if i missed something :D

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Ok I have a DSL router and Windows XP. I have downloaded all tyhe mta server files and got them running, but no one can connect so...

Two questions:

1) Where do I look to find my remote host IP for my router? I look under network LAN and I see DNS number, Default gateway number, subnet mask, etc.. I can find my local IP easy. Where is my remote host IP?

2) How do I open my ports (2003 for MTA server and another for admin) for UDP? And how do I check to make sure a port isn't in use somewhere else?

UPDATE: I got it so people can CONNECT to my server via adding a new service with the in the ICF to set the 2003 port to UDP. But now it won't show on ASE. Sigh.

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