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TGA uploader finally fixed...

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Well finally The Gamers Alliance uploader has been fixed. Took several days of harassing my host to fix it but finally tonight they did. It is basicly the way it was around christmas... Any file below 50 megs uploads fine.

I am not sure about files bigger then that, we did a test run with one that was 48 megs and it worked fine. Then we tryed one with a file that was 68 megs and kept getting an error, but not a "file to large" error so i dunno, it could have just been something in the code.

Anyway if you have any files that are too big for you to upload or you are having trouble with the uploader, catch me or Samurai_Ohk on MSN and we can do it for you.

Bloodymess13: Boomershine25@hotmail.com

Samurai_Ohk: okomoto@email.gasou.edu

Or email me at: Webmaster@thegamersalliance.com

Enjoy the free bandwidth and webspace :twisted:8)

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