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I dont think the the basic XP firewall is the problem i have turned mine off and still get no connections timeout, beside when i played a couple weeks ago i had no problem.

i tryed loading up a ghost image of my OS from when i was playing the official one the last time but still no luck

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I would like all gamers with this problem to just drop a comment here so whe can get this sorted out, perhaps the administrators of the official servers can look at the server config if that's the problem, because like i said in top post i had no problem just 10 or 12 days ago.

Some of you may say just play on some of the other servers, well i do but the cheat problem is way out of hand with flying busses, flying trucks, and so on.

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i am getting *constantly* timeouted - sice i d/l MTA a few days ago....i think the lonegst i've ever stayed on a server was 5 minuets or so...

I get either normal 'timeouts' or 'crc timeouts' - no matter how you turn it, MTA is *not* playable at this moment.

I disebled my FW (zonealarm),

and yes i am on XP SP1 and i TRIED to read the forum for help....but i didnt se any help/fix regarding this matter !


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