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setting up my server!!!

Guest jossa

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i have got a router between my internet connection and i think its his fault that my server doesn't come online

can somebody please help me the server works fine with no errors

so i know i must have something to do with the ip adressen or my dmz or something like that


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Yeah i am trying to set up a server and I can--and I can connect to it via IP but it doesn't show on ASE.

Now Robpol186 I am confused by your post. I have my MTA:VC server set toport 2003. i have my admin set to 4003 and it works (I connected via admin tool and kicked myself from my server on another comp hehe).

Do I have to do something special with port 2126 to get my server to show up on ASE? Set it to UDP too? Set it to forward? Beat it with a stick?

The mind wobbles. But if I can set this last thing up (getting ASE to show me) I'll have a real for truly server.

Then on to MIRC and some scripting... oh the horror...

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