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Places For Wallbumping

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i was just messing around in vcsp and i figured out to good place or how to make to good places for wallbumping i have screens of them... 8)

i dont think these have ever been in a movie or nuttin...........have they?

Both have been done and as a matter of fact, the location of your 1st screenshot is where I broke the WORLD HEIGHT JUMP RECORD. :P

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yeah, wut i really like doing is putting a packer up to a pole. in fact, since i just got my graphics driver fixed, im gonna go play sum VC. then sum GTAWO to get ready to edit the next SIN movie. In fact, since i have a mic, im gonna have voiceovers, cuz i really dont like watching and having to read shit :D

l8er - Andyroososoft

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