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unhandled exception error again

Guest sixo

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ok firstly yes im a newbie and secondly so what :twisted:

guys i really need some help ive tried everythingon the forums from uninstalling and reinstalling to no cd cracks and i still cant get into any game without this godamn error coming up.

im running an origonalversion of the game on xp ive installed it on several other pcs for ppl with mta and theyre running fine its just this one pc that i cant get to go on mta itcrashes just before the character selectscreen everytime and most of the people in the servers havnt got a clue lol

please please please please (grovel grovel) help me sort this out and can you explain it in lamo terms for me cos im not very technically minded :lol:


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Aight i'm not too good at helping people out, so here goes...

1. Click the green little start button at the bottom and go to turn off computer.

2. Click Shutdown and wait while the computer shuts down.

3. Once the computer succesfully shutdown proceed to stand up and walk away from your computer.

4. Never turn it on again

I hope this helps! :D

Why don't you try this, Wheelman:

1. Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc

2. Open the file "hosts" in notepad

3. Add a new line like so: forum.mtavc.com

4. Save


Perhaps you haven't set the correct game version (1.0 or 1.1).

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