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Austrlian VC to American?


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Hi. Ive just found out about MTA and think it's a GREAT Idea.

I am currently running the Australian PC version of VC though and from what I read, MTA wont work with it. I also know that the Oz version of VC is censored (no picking up hookers for one).

Anyone tell me if there is a Oz to USA type patch I can do?


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uh... you'd have to dl it, and thats illegal, but as it seems you already have it, it shouldnt be that bad of a thing right?

so if you ALREADY have the austrailien version of it, adn want it to work with mta, maybe you could just dl a vc american version, IF YOU ALREADY HAVE IT

otherwise just order the american one if you havnt already LEGALLY purchased the game..

no warez :)

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Hiya again.

Yeah thanks for the advice. I'll try and find a dl site. Yes dont worry I have legally purchased the PC version in Oz. Although I am partialy kicking myself as I was going to wait for the Xbox double pack but got impatient. Still, glad now that I know there's the possibility of Multiplayer. Eat that consol users! :)

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