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Capture the Whoopie and Team Play?

Guest [BB] The Jackal

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Ok guys I'm kind of new to the whole Multi Theft thing but I have done a lot of reading and I unlike some did get it to work properly. I figured it would be best just to hammer it out and figure it out on my own rather then to get flammed and ask a question that is most likely already been asked in here. :lol:

However I can't seem to find anywhere that tells me or shows me how to get a team play or even Capture the Whoopie to work. The Capture the Whoopie option is grayed out in my server config utility.

Do I need to install something else in order to make it work? Also is there a team play yet for GTA III :?:

I have a lan party at my place tomorrow and this will be the main game. Thanks for the guidance in advance. :wink:

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