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The_ stuntproject [CNP]

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Hmmm it wasn't a bad 1st movie, but i have some comments

1.The editing wasn't very good

2.To much easy tricks(360) and the better ones waren't landed

3.to much driving between tricks

4.I didn't like the music (didn't fit whit the vid)

and becaus of all this the movie was a little bit boring.

It isn't a long movie, but you did very much the same tricks,

so at 2 min I wasn't very interrested in the rest of the movie

But it isn't a bad 1st movie

keep on stunting :D

(srry about my enlish, Im from Holland :D )

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lol ouch ur hurting my feelings..i think im gonna cry :cry:

nah juz kiddin :):o:D:shock:

well ima use those tips and built sumthin better..

and learn more then juz the 360 in a few possible wayz

thanks for posting comment :D

bein honest the work put in this vid was very minimal

juz shot stunts..put em in a row and after that pick sum music

so thaz kinda noob...defenitely more vids comin up do!! 8)

i must say that i think the secs b4 doin the stunt.

i think thaz important too! :roll::roll:


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